Baden cuisine is tasty! 

Hardly any other gastronomical landscape has been awarded as often as the Markgräflerland. Baden cuisine is even rated as one of the best ones in Germany. There are many reasons for this. One of the most important are the ingredients. They are local produce, therefore freshness and quality are guaranteed. The region is fertile and so asparagus, vegetable, fruit and herbs grow magnificently here. The Black Forest provides mushrooms, meat, venison, honey and fresh fish. In many recipes you will notice how near France and Switzerland are. So you cannot only enjoy the specialties of the Baden cuisine but of the whole region.


Calendar of Culinary Specialties

• Spring is high season for fine asparagus dishes. Traditionally ham and Kratzete (pancake torn to little pieces) will be served with it in the Markgräflerland.

• In summer light fish dishes will head the menus, for example Black Forest trout and delicious salads

• In autumn the mushroom and hunting season begins. And it is also the time for grape harvesting. The new wine is drunk and goes well with onion tart and tarte flambee. If you like hearty food, you should try a 'Metzgete'. This is a kind of meat platter with fresh black pudding, liver sausage, boiled belly pork, bratwurst, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

• In winter traditional 'Schäufele', duck, saddle of venison and, of course, the classical Sunday roast will be served.


Further specialities

• 'Flädlesuppe' (soup with thin strips of pancake)

• 'Bibiliskäs' (kind of cottage cheese with herbs)

• 'Schupfnudeln' (thick noodles made of potatoes)

• Baden stew

• saddle of lamb

• fillet of beef

• venison medallions

• 'Kirschplotzer' (cherry cake)

• apple tart

• Strawberry variations

• and of course the famous Black Forest Gateau