Tourist tax

What is the tourist tax? How much is the tourist tax? Why do I have to pay this?
 The answers to these questions can be found here:

What is a tourist tax?
 The tax is a municipal tax and a hybrid of fee and contribution. The community claims to cover part of its expenses for the preparation and maintenance of about spa and recreation purposes by the Badenweiler Thermen und Touristik GmbH (BTT) provided public institutions this tax.

Why do you have to pay this visitor's tax?
 In order to make your holiday stay according to your wishes, provides Badenweiler numerous facilities and services available. The conversation of the diverse tourist infrastructure like footpaths, maintenance of the spa park, mountain biking, the sports and leisure pool and other facilities devours large sums annually. Costly customer and information services and our extensive program should contribute to the success of your vacation.


 Its rate is for every person and every day:

Kurbezirk I      Kurbezirk II   Kurbezirk II a      Kurbezirk III and IV
3,20 € 2,15 € 1,60 € 1,35 €

For guests in AHB clinics that holistically not attend Konus is the tourist tax for each person and each day:

Kurbezirk I Kurbezirk II Kurbezirk II a     Kurbezirk III and IV
  2,80 € 1,75 € 1,20 €   0,95 €


Kurbezirk I
Das Kurzentrum auf der Ebene Kurhaus, Kurpark, Cassiopeia Therme, Inhalatorium; 340 - 470m.

Kurbezirk II
Oberweiler und die umgebende Höhenlage von 340 - 470 m.

Kurbezirk IIa
Wohngebiet "Moosmatt" zwischen Oberweiler und Schweighof;
380 m Höhenlage.

Kurbezirk III
Ortsteil Lipburg mit Sehringen; separates Tal, ca. 3 km vom Zentrum;
390 m bzw. 580 m Höhenlage.

Kurbezirk IV
Ortsteil Schweighof; separates Tal, ca. 2,5 km vom Zentrum;
400 - 490 m Höhenlage.