Beneficial and relaxing

The classic massage is applied according to your individual physical sensations. Tensions are loosened; the circulation of skin, tissue and muscle fibres is enhanced. Tendons and ligaments gain elasticity. With our massagers you can be sure to be in the best hands.



With a classic massage using the perfumed oil of your choice, you can decide whether you would like a back, head, face, leg, foot or
full body massage.


duration approx. 20 min.                                        28.00 €

duration approx. 30 min.                                        40.00 €

duration approx. 40 min.                                        50.00 €

duration approx. 60 min.                                        72.00 €



Gentle stroking movements and light pressure stimulate the lymph nodes and lymph channels, helping waste products and toxins to be removed from the body more quickly.


duration approx. 30 min.          37.00 €

duration approx. 60 min.          69.00 €



The refl ex points on the soles of the feet are massaged, which has a beneficial and stimulating eff ect on the corresponding internal organs.

duration approx. 40 min.          48.00 €



Cold-pressed grape seed oil has unbeatable skin care properties. A power pack made from grape seeds helps the skin to fi ght free radicals, which accelerate the ageing process. Grape seed oil is rich in
linoleic acid, which compensates skin dehydration and contains the anti-ageing vitamin E and the antioxidant OPC. Treat yourself to a luxurious massage with this valuable oil and enjoy velvety-soft skin

duration approx. 50 min.          63.00 €



Our soothing Royal Massage combines a range of massage techniques and focuses on the deep layers of connective tissue surrounding your muscles. Warm essential oils guarantee regal relaxation,
and you can choose the fragrance that suits you best.

duration approx. 70 min.          84.00 €








Hot Stone Massage

This gentle, part or full body massage has Native American origins and is carried out using warm stones. It releases trapped energies and tensions and enhances blood flow.

duration approx. 30 min.          42.00 €

duration approx. 60 min.          72.00 €



Sassi dei Vulcano

This Italian technique is a fascinating mixture of massage, energy and the beneficial effect of hot stones made of basalt and cool marble.
The combination of warm oils on the skin and the stones that are applied to particular points of the body will plunge you into a deep
and unique state of relaxation with a harmonising, revitalising effect.

duration approx. 80 min.          97.00 €



Hawaiian „Lomi Lomi“ Massage

A true feast for your senses, Lomi Lomi was originally practised in Hawaiian temples and is a mixture of massage, ritual and energetic bodywork that uses the forearms and elbows as well as the hands.
The long, flowing movements make the massage an unforgettable experience and leaves you with new energy and inner balance.

duration approx. 80 min.          97.00 €




This traditional Indian full body oil massage has a harmonising effect on body, spirit and soul. Gentle, rhythmic strokes open up all of the body’s detoxification channels and release stress and blockages.
Indulge yourself and nurture your skin with valuable nutrients that are lacking in everyday life.

duration approx. 60 min.          80.00 €


Gain peace of mind and inner strength with this ayurvedic head, neck and face massage, an intensely relaxing experience with a rejuvenating and beautifying effect.

duration approx. 50 min.          63.00 €


Hammam – a soothing oriental ritual

Your hammam visit starts with a session in the steam bath. This ensures your skin is optimally prepared for the hammam ceremony that follows. As you relax on a warmed hammam
lounger, our hammam master pampers you with showers of water, a silk glove body scrub and a foam massage. Finally, you can
sit back and enjoy a glass of Turkish tea in our relaxation room.

Hammam classic

Full body treatment, incl. a glass of tea

duration approx. 45 min.          60.00 €

duration approx. 60 min.          74.00 €


Lipid replenishing treatment

We recommend following the hammam with a lipid replenishing treatment using suitable oils.          9.00 €

Hammam Sehrazat incl. lipid replenishing treatment

This particularly thorough and intensive hammam treatment also includes a full body oil massage. Your muscles and joints will be relaxed the valuable oil nurtures your skin with nutrients and intensive

incl. a glass of tea.

duration approx. 80 min.          96.00 €




Pantai Luar™ Full Body Treatment

Pantai Luar™ is the name of an old East Asian massage technique. Precious, fragrant oil is warmed and gently rubbed into your body before you are massaged with herbal pouches or “stamps”.
This stimulates your internal organs and metabolism and has a purifying effect.

duration approx. 60 min.             92.00 €



Tropical Bali Massage

Journey of body and soul

The Balinese massage begins with a foot bath in a large traditional “singing bowl”, a foot massage and a body scrub. Afterwards,we invite you on a journey of body and soul consisting of gentle
movements, rhythmic acupressure, reflexology and a massage with warm herbal “stamps”.

duration approx. 90 min.           119.00 €


Spa appointments

For the spa treatments you need to make an appointment. We kindly request you to make an early booking and ask for your understanding that appointments that are neglected or cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged.

Tel. +49 7632 799-208 or on-site



The Oasis of Spa is inside the Cassiopeia Thermal Baths. Please add the admission fee for the thermal baths, the sauna world or the Roman Irish bath to the price for the massages. For prices please check the current price list.



We advise pregnant women and guests who suffer from cardiovascular disorders to consult a doctor before undergoing treatments or using the Oasis of Spa. Guests carry health risks themselves.