Cassiopeia Therme - Roman-Irish Bath

The nude Roman-Irish baths unites in perfect sequence, the most beneficial elements of Roman bathing culture and Irish bathing tradition.

Bathing and sauna culture in perfect harmony with each other. Visit successively several warm and hot air spaces, so the circuit is protected and you get used to better match the slow arrival and again descending temperatures. Terminates the passage with a shower. Then immerse either still in the cold water pool or relax in a wonderfully warm thermal water. Then rest in large linen cloths wrapped in stylish relaxation room or in the open air, on the Mediterranean-style roof terrace.

Tip: in the Roman-Irish bath you can be pampered with a soap brush massage **.

Admission to the thermal baths of the Cassiopeia Therme is included when you visit the Roman-Irish bath.

Recommended Bathing procedure:

  • In the first room, the cold room, where you place your bathing suit and take a shower.
  • With your beach towel, you now go into the hot air chamber, 50 ° C and an opportunity for rest about 15 minutes. *
  • From the warm air space from then enter directly the hot air chamber, 70 ° C. Recommended duration of about 10 minutes.
  • After the hot air space set in an anteroom off your towel, take a seat cloth and visit denDampfraum, 50 ° C, 95% humidity. The air is enriched with essential oils, the humidity ensures that open the skin pores. Recommended duration: 10 min.
  • You come back to the cold room. Here you take a shower extensively.
  • From the ensuing rest period we recommend a soap brush massage **. With a large, soft brush and a foaming soap (refatting Kernseife) Your body is gently massaged, the blood circulation is stimulated, the skin feels smooth and supple.
  • After showering you relax in the warm thermal pools, 36 ° C.
  • In 12 ° C-cold plunge pool cool your body again from the skin pores close.
  • Your visit to the Roman-Irish bath ends with a resting phase. You can either on the rooftop terrace in the open air or in the relaxation room, wrapped in linen cloths, to rest in absolute silence. Then we recommend a visit to the included in the ticket price already spas.

* Recommended bathing or residence time. Of course, this as well as the entire Bathing procedure be varied according to personal wellbeing. Another passage is possible at any time with good constitution and unlimited bath life. Our staff is available for questions you may have.
** not included in the ticket price

Please note:

  • the Roman-Irish bath is without clothes
  • Please bring your own beach towels with
  • The minimum age for the visit to the Roman-Irish bath is 12 years
  • Admission to the thermal baths is included when you visit the Roman-Irish bath.

With five Wellness Stars Award
The Cassiopeia Therme Award for the fift consecutive year in all categories with "Five Stars wellness spa". It will be reviewed periodically by the testers of Wellness Stars GmbH and TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH to a comprehensive list of criteria.



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