Admission fees sauna

A visit to the thermal baths is included in the admission.

Single ticket incl. Spas
Single ticket 22,00 €
Single ticket with guest card 20,00 €
5-card 101,00 €
10-card 188,00 €

The Roman-Irish bath is open to our sauna guests in the afternoons - at no extra charge.
Wednesdays Ladies Sauna, except holidays

Unlimited stay.

The sauna area is without clothes, please bring sauna towels and bathing shoes with.
Minimum age 12 years.

Relax without cash  
In the Cassiopeia Therme a Coin replace your wallet. You can use it during your stay, the sauna, the Roman-Irish baths, solarium and crediting food and drinks in the bistro. At the end of your visit the Coin is read and billed. We accept Euro, CHF, Visa, debit and Mastercard.