Castle Baden

Landmark with a wonderful panoramic view

Granted, the last short section of the path leading to the castle ruin Baden is pretty steep but it is worth the effort. From the restored castle keep you have the most wonderful panoramic view to the Rhine valley, the 'Römerberg' and the Black Forest. It is best to begin your walk at the ‘Kurhaus’. The easy and level loop trail 'Kaffeemühle' starts just to the left of the entrance. It runs past the Hildegard of Bingen garden, the Badenweiler Chasselas garden and the beautiful viewpoint ‘Vosges View’ and then branches off to Castle Baden. Tip: on your way back you could stop at the summer palace 'Belvedere'.

The castle ruin was restored in the 1980s. The many high walls show the several rooms and the Great Hall. At the north-east side of the Great Hall with three partionings you can see that the castle was multistoried. The forms of the windows are also preserved.

Changing ownership

Up to now it has not been found out who Badenweiler owes its landmark to. The constructor's name is unknown. The 'castro zuo Baden' was mentioned for the first time under Konrad of Zähringen. But the castle is probably much older. The type of construction of the hill top castle suggests that it was built at the beginning of the 12th century. Until the blasting by the French occupying forces on 6th April 1678 during the Dutch War, the ownership of Castle baden changed several times. For example it came as a dowry into the possession of Henry the Lion in 1147. He, on the other hand, exchanged it for Staufian estates. Finally in 1503 it was a gift to the margravate of Baden.

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