Badenweiler looks back on a long history. No matter in what era: Recreation and pleasure were always the focus.

Long ago but not forgotten: the Roman history of Badenweiler

In the second half of the first century the Romans under Emperor Vespasian occupied the south-west corner of Germany. They discovered thermal water in Badenweiler whose Roman name is unfortunately not known. In several stages they built an impressive spa building and a platform temple. Little by little a small town with complete infrastructure developed. Germanic peoples conquered the region in 259 A.D. The Roman buildings declined, the spa building became a convenient source for stones if someone wanted to build. Even the margrave of Baden had stones for the reconstruction of his town hall removed from there. Fortunately, because on this occasion the remains of the Roman bath were discovered.

Rising to a sophisticated spa resort

Under the margrave of Baden the spa trade in Badenweiler fully developed. He had the first public bath - the marble bath - built in 1875 but soon balneological treatments followed. Doctors at home and abroad were enthusiastic about the beneficial effects of treatments in Badenweiler and sent their patients here for recovery and that is how Badenweiler's rise to one of the most sophisticated spa resorts in Europe took its course. With an increasing number of guests, more and more highly qualified doctors and therapists moved here.

Variety of holidays

Nowadays Badenweiler not only welcomes spa guests from all over the world but also has become a popular holiday resort for active and spa holiday makers as well as nature and culture enthusiasts.