"Following in the footsteps of the Romans":

Badenweiler hosted the launch of the funded by the European Union project for thermal baths with Roman roots.

Eight European countries, eleven partners and a common Roman heritage, to which can build a strong future. These are the key of a project to its launch, spa and wellness experts from all over Europe met in Badenweiler Thermen & Touristik GmbH. Over the next 17 months new deals for spas throughout Europe are in international cooperation develops and markets, which are connected by their common history as baths of Roman origin.
The more than 2000 year old tradition from Roman times to use thermal water for recreation as well as for the treatment of chronic diseases and for the prevention, has been preserved in many places in Europe. "In Badenweiler is shown particularly by way of example, such as the Roman heritage maintained, can be attractively presented and linked to the demands of modern health tourism," explains Joachim Lieber, Secretary General of the European Spas Association and coordinator of the project, the choice of venue. "The project aims to tap the full potential of our common heritage for tourism to bring high-to an even higher, international standards and attract new groups of guests from Europe and overseas for this combination of health and cultural holiday".
"In this project we are working with experts and colleagues from Europe fresh impetus for Badenweiler that we alone can not take shape," said the managing director of Badenweiler Thermen & Touristik GmbH, Michael Schmitz. The project is co-funded by the EU and brings together eight European Thermal Places with Roman roots. In addition to Germany is spas in Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Romania. These experts come from the travel industry and the quality of management as well as coordinator and initiator of the European Spas Association.
Over the next 17 months among other high-quality national and cross-border travel packages are being developed within the project. Trade fairs in Europe, the USA, China and South America ensure that new offers can be known tour operators and vacations. Website and Facebook page will inform about the project and its related destinations and travel packages exchanged between the partners will make it possible to learn from each other and develop new ideas. After its end the project in a European marketing organization is to be transferred, the other thermal baths will be open with Roman roots.

Additional info visit http://roman-thermal-spas.eu/

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