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Rasul Baths

Luxury for the skin

In Rasul, many thousands of years’ knowledge about health and skin care from the Orient is perfectly combined.

The ‘healing earths’ were first valued as healing and beauty preparations by the ancient civilizations of antiquity. Spoil yourself with an exclusive care ritual of this kind and which we view to be an insider’s tip for a natural form of beauty care.

Rasul baths inclusive of care oil

Your trip to the orient starts with a cleansing shower. You then enter the Rasul bath, different healing earths are then applied to your body and you make yourself comfortable on one of the seats. The room starts to get warmer and the air has a pleasant aroma. The healing earth now starts working. It cleans the skin pore deep and supplies it with minerals and micro elements.

After approx. 20 minutes a warm shower begins. You now gently rub the healing earth off (peeling effect) and end your Rasul bath with a shower. You are then provided with a dish of care oil, which you can apply straight away before relaxing in the quiet room or enjoying the thermal spring bath, sauna complex of another of the wellness applications before applying the oil at the end of your day at the Cassiopeia thermal spring baths.

Rasul bath with vulcanite and natural fango

Natural skin peeling for the cleansing and renewal of the skin. The calming skin peeling which is suited to all skin types is rich in essential minerals such as silica, zinc, potassium and calcium. The vulcanite natural fango also helps loosen up and relax the joints and the muscles.

Steam bath peel with rose and mallow

Refreshing, relaxing skin care for all types of skin, especially for dry and sensitive skin. The fruity steam bath peel is rich in vitamins and makes your skin smooth and silky. It also has a calming effect and acts against ageing.

The Wellness Oasis can only be booked in advance and in connection with the Thermal Spring Baths, the Roman-Irish bath and the Sauna complex.

To arrange an appointment: +49 (0) 7632 / 799 - 208